Natural Weight Loss with Naturopathic Doctors

Make the year 2010 the year to keep the pounds off with the latest research techniques that actually work.

Find out why the gym, dieting supplements are not working for you.

Did you know that weight gain can be related to stress, thyroid, adrenals, or glucose regulation problems?

Naturopathic Medicine can offer a holistic view into weight loss by identifying the cause of weight gain.

This natural weight loss program is a lifestyle program taught by Dr. Lee and Dr. Coy. It is a comprehensive program combining individual Naturopathic consult with weekly group classes to help you build new skills for a healthier lifestyle. Learn how to set goals, manage stress, incorporate more activity in your life, navigate temptation and avoid overeating.

Powerpoints and Educational materials on topics including:

  • Smart Food Choices (ie. healthy dieting and snacks, ways to replace junk foods, recipes ideas)
  • Label reading and a visit to the grocery store
  • Exercise strategies (minimum effort with best results)
  • Stress Reduction
  • Detoxification methods (sauna, hydrotherapy, sweat deprivation)

Special offer

  • Free introductory Talk on Feb 3rd and Feb 6th
  • Time and Place: TBA
  • 5 classes + 1 Naturopathic physician consult session for $350 (a value of over $600)

For more information Contact Us or send us an email to: [email protected]